Welcome everyone to the “After Show Show” for episode one hundred and eight of “This Week in Kpop”. In this episode, Josh and Stephen reminisce about Produce 101 and IOI and talk about the future of the members. Consider donating to us on Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/thisweekinkpop) or Paypal (http://paypal.me/thisweekinkpop).

Topics of the Episode:

  • (02:35)¬†Produce 101
  • (07:50) Dream Girls
  • (14:30) Whatta Man
  • (19:00) Very Very Very
  • (22:15) Dia, Gugudan, Cosmic Girls
  • (25:55) Chungha’s Future
  • (28:25) Sohye’s Future
  • (29:00) Who has it worse, Chunga or Sohye?
  • (31:00) Somi’s Future (Should she have joined Twice?)
  • (44:05) Should IOI have broken up?

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