Welcome to the After Show Show for episode 87! This week we will talk about the future of our podcast and channel, as well as some songs that didn’t make the main episode.   This episode is sponsored by Audible (http://www.audibletrial.com/twik).

After Show Show Topics:

  • (01:35) Snacky Chan (feat. Babylon) – Out of Time (http://bit.ly/1T5Qube)
  • (10:25) Microdot (feat. The Quiett, Babylon, Sanchez) – Celebrate (http://bit.ly/1M1ZJT9)
  • (15:45) Jay Park – All I Wanna Do (http://bit.ly/1U7bzDz)
  • (28:55) Lee Hi – Hold My Hand (http://bit.ly/1RjNL9A)
  • (40:30) The Future of the Podcast & Channel


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  • Essential Kpop (http://www.essentialkpop.com)

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